e-Tools User Manual

Welcome to General Credit’s on-line e-tools. This Information Page is intended to give you a primer on how to use our system. Take a few minutes to read this information and your access to e-tools will be simpler, more informative, and more powerful.

If you want to access our network directly to receive real-time updates on your accounts, you will need to print our system access agreement, and fax or scan it to our offices for your additional security upgrades. 

There are two main areas available from the e-Tools webpage: The web-based e-Tools and real-time System Access to General Credit’s working database.  
Accessing and using the e-Tools is simple and can be done by clicking on the left menu on this page. These tools are not directly connected to the General Credit database and as a result, you can use them to do things that our security and firewalls would otherwise prevent you from doing, such as posting payment transactions and starting or stopping the collection process.
The Remote System Access is more complicated as it requires additional levels of authentication and security.
The first time that you log-in to the Remote Access Area, you will be downloading a software applet from Ericom Software. In order to do this, you must make sure that you are logged-on to Windows as the “Administrator” of your PC. 


Before attempting to log-in to the system you MUST download the latest version of Java. It is available at our website on the log-in page. Once you have Java installed on your computer, you will then be able to install the access software. 
To begin, click the System Access link on the left menu on this page. You will see a page that says “PowerTerm Webconnect” and a message will appear in the lower left corner of your browser window that says “Applet Started”. This may take up to one minute as the system logs your computers IP address.
A wizard will guide you through the install process, just answer yes to each question, and then accept the Verisign “Ericom Software” registry key when you are asked. This process will take less than two minutes depending on your connection speed.
General Credit Services Inc – e-Tools First Time User Reference Guide & Agreement CONFIDENTIAL – FOR General CSI Client Use ONLY!

Once the Access Software is loaded to your system you are ready to log-in to General Credit. Click on the System Access link on the left menu of the e-Tools page.
(Now that the applet is installed and the Key has been added to the Windows Registry, the Windows “Administrator” is not required, and regular users of the PC may access the system).
A Username & Password box will appear on screen. As a General Credit Client, you may access the system using a generic username “gcsi client” and password “client99”, make sure that you do NOT have your CAPS LOCK turned on – all log-in functions will only work in lowercase. 
General Credit Services Inc – e-Tools First Time User Reference Guide & Agreement CONFIDENTIAL – FOR General CSI Client Use ONLY!
Just click the log-in button ONCE! Remember the system has to verify a number of items before it lets you onto our servers so this can take a minute.
Wait until you see a BLACK screen with an IP address (that’s your IP address) and a prompt to enter a password. Here you will simply enter the same generic password again “client99”. (when you enter this password, the cursor will NOT move on the screen).
The system will ask you if you “wish to disable reverse video” – answer “Y” for yes.
The system will then ask you to enter a Branch Number – all General Credit clients access branch “01” so enter “01”.
You will be then asked for your client code. This can be found on your monthly statement and on any inventory or report that you have received from General Credit. If you do not have your client code, contact your Account Manager.

 You will also be asked for your Security Code and another Password. This information is only provided to you by your Account Manager and will only be sent to you at the e-mail address or fax number in your client profile.
Once logged into the system you will find yourself at the Offsite Client Menu. You can enter any of the menu options to use that action. Try it for yourself – enter “01” for “Name Search” and search for an existing collection account on the system. Then try reviewing a complete inventory using the “04” option. 
If you are not sure what to do or what commands are available, look at the BOTTOM of the screen – this will tell you what you can do and what you can access. The system is virtually foolproof so go ahead and explore! 
When you want to leave the system, return to the Offsite Client Menu and enter “00” – this will close the Collection System but you will NOT be disconnected until you close the entire browser window. For security reasons ALWAYS close the browser window when you are finished your session.
If you require additional assistance with the system, view our e-tools help on the left menu of the e-tools menu. If you cant find the answers that you are looking for there, contact your account manager at 1-877-588-4274.
Although we believe that these are already the most powerful client-centered collection tools available anywhere today, we are always looking for ways to improve – if you see anything that we could do to make them better, let us know. Either use the “Feedback” link on the e-Tools page or e-mail your support team at  client.care@generalcsi.com. 
If you haven’t done so already, please click the button below to download, read and sign the System Access Agreement and fax to our office now…